Foot reflexology massage


Reflexology stimulates and calm areas of the body through intelligent manipulation of their areas or reflex points on the feet. These reflex points are an exact match, precise in miniature of other parts, organs and glands in the body. The manipulation of specific reflex points on the feet evokes a favorable and involuntary reflex response in the related part of the body.
The feet also reflect the state of the mind, body and soul through the texture and condition of theirsoles. 

Benefits of the feet reflexology massage:
Return normalcy to all bodily functions
Calm nerves.
Create inner armory
Stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems.
Calm ailments and pains.
Reinforce the immune system.
Reactivate the tired body parts.
Relax muscles.
Reduce swelling.
Eliminate toxic substances 

60 min 100 Fr. We accept debit and credit cards

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