Massage with NamPang herbal balls

NamPang herbal balls are made in a traditional and environmentally friendly way. Also called pindas, NamPang herbal balls are divided into two types; on one hand floral pinda serving to combat dry skin, rejuvenate the skin, fight anxiety, insomnia, it is antiseptic, anti-stress… and on the other the pinda spice that among its multiple benefits are the reduction of swelling, fighting migraines, muscle fatigue. And of course also is antiseptic.

One of the beneficial features of this massage is that the pindas ingredients enter our body through the pores of the skin and reach our nervous system, acting as extraordinary natural medicine for our body. On the other hand, the warmth provided by the balls of herbs, relax the muscles and improve the blood circulation of the body and the lymph system. 

60 min 100 Fr. We accept debit and credit cards

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