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NamPang history

On January 27, 1917 the small Nam Pangwas born, she came to this world in the Ban Thung in the Chang district of Thung. Si Udom, Ubon RATCHATANI province in Siam (name of Thailand until1939)

With only 9 years old begins to experience and study with experts in the area of Thung if Udom the art of “Nuatboran” Thai name for this type of body work native of Thailand (Nuat = pressure, touch in order to cure boran or bo’ Rarn = ancient). This is the great massage of the Kingdom of Siam.

Nam Pang elaborated, analyzed and learned all the knowledge of the authentic Nuatboran with the experts at the tender age of 19 years, Nam Pang was considered as an eminency in the art of Nuatboran.

At the age of 21 years she married my grandfather NaihPah and in the next years they had six girls and three boys (one of them my mother Pranee). Only three of the nine started in the discipline Nuatboran and were introduced in this ancient and methodical art that is the Thai massage.
My mother gave me my first lessons, I learned a lot with her but with only 11 years and because of the lack of time due to hard work she was forced to send me a season with Nam Pang grandmother.

My grandmother Nam Pang picked me up with much enthusiasm and was in charge of perfecting everything I learned with my mother, introducing me deeplyin the Nuatboranand teaching me all the knowledge of the authentic Nuatborano or Thaimassage until her death in November 2009.

Shortly after landing in Switzerland, it occurred to me the idea to share everything I learned thanks to the wise teachings of my grandmother Nam Pang.
So was born ThaiSpaNamPangin memory and gratitude of the Nam Pang grandmother…


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A city of beautiful lotus, with a two color river, delicious fish, beautiful coastal beaches, Buddhist devotees, finely carved candlesand prehistoric paintings on the rock. 


Located on the Mun river shores, UbonRatchathani is a provincial capital city, whose history dates back to two centuries ago, officially in 1780, when the King Taksin The Big was named first ruler of the region and give the city its name. The City was governed by four Semi-independent rulers until in 1882 a new ruler was elected taking part of the Siam Kingdom. 629 kilometers from Bangkok, UbonRatchathaniprovince has multiple plateaus and mountains crossed by MunRiver. Sandstone cliffs across the Mekong River serve as natural border between Thailand and Laos. This region, where UbonRatchathani border Cambodia and Laos and the Mekong enters Cambodia, is known as “Emerald Triangle”, in recognition of their beautiful Green landscapes. The Natural attraction of UbonRatchathani consolidates with the National Parks of Phu Chong Nayoi and PhaTaem considered as two of the most unspoiled nature reserves and not very touristic of Isan. Itis the biggest city on the Northeast and also a wonderful place to witness the annual festival of carved candles known for being a beautiful Buddhist charming celebration. 

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